All Area Appraisal Affiliate Network

Annual Membership Fee Schedule

(Here is the fee plan for major markets (over 350,000 population):

Number of county listings:                                           Annual Listing Fee

1                                                                           FREE**

**only available to appraisers physically located (office or home) in that county.
no credit card required for FREE listing - just enter code aafree and 0 for registration amount

2                                                                          $21.00

3                                                                          $42.00

4                                                                           $57.00

5                                                                          $72.00

6                                                                          $87.00

7                                                                          $97.00

8                                                                          $107.00

9                                                                          $117.00

10                                                                          $127.00

Additional counties above 10 will cost $5.00 per year for each county.

There is also a rural appraiser option - any number of counties up to 150,000 aggregate population for only $10.00 per year.

There are four banner positions at the top of each "county" page that are
available for $49 for the 1st county and $39 each for any additional counties.

(Must also have paid one year listing in each county that you want a banner.)

The banners will be 250 x 250 pixels and will hot-link to your own web site (as will the listings) if you have one, or your email, if not.

During the trial charter membership special there will be no additional set-up or art charge for banners (normally $20.00)

First Come, First Served... The order of the listings and banners in each county will be in the order they are subscribed.

Once subscribed, you retain your placement position forever, as long as you are current with renewal fees.

There is no set-up charge for banners.

A Few Sample Banners

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