Residential Real Estate Appraisers......
Soon To Become An Endangered Species???????

There is a lot of pessimism in the air, particularly concerning the future of residential real estate appraising as we have known it. The future will be bleak indeed for those who insist upon approaching the future by hoping for a return to the ways of the past. Their blinders and tunnel vision may well do them in.

There will be an enormous shakeout during the current downturn, which has already begun, with high interest rates and refinance activity down to a trickle of the volume experienced in the recent past. Many leading economists are saying the last refinance boom will be the last of or near its magnitude, due to structural changes evolving in the way business is and will be conducted.

AVMs and desktop underwriting will continue to take an ever larger market share of what once was exclusive domain of the residential appraiser. Predatory AMC's, pitting appraiser against appraiser will continue to pick away at the net fees most appraisers will get to take home.

This page will attempt to explain who I am and why you might want to consider participating in one of the most important ventures ever to be offered to residential real estate appraisers. I am a former SRA member of the Appraisal Institute, former IFA member (and chapter past president) of the NAIFA and New York Certified General Appraiser (#463195). I live on Long Island, in Wantagh, NY. My appraisal service area is Long Island and New York City.

A little about my background. I spent the last fifteen years building a predominately non lender client base. I typically receive between 20 and 30 percent of my total appraisal volume from my various web sites; or referrals from clients who originated from one of my web sites, 15 - 25 percent came from various directory advertising (I am listed as an appraiser on many of my competitors web sites); 10-15 percent came in the form of referrals from attorneys, accountants, government agencies, judges, financial planners, etc.; and 25-30 percent comes from the few full fee lender clients I continue to service. I rarely work for AMCs, because most only offered to pay less than 65% of my normal fees. I dont work for uncsrupoulous mortgage brokers or loan officers who apply pressure to make unsupportable values or eliminate comments regarding what they consider to be unfavorable physical, functional or external conditions influencing "subject" value.

From 1980 to 1996 I was the CEO of several different large appraisal firms. At the height, in the mid eighties, I had over 30 staff appraisers (with several junior partners and full time review appraisers in my organization. Prior to becoming a full time appraiser, I was one of 16 Long Island real estate brokers who in the mid 70's created "Network of Homes, Inc.", a real estate brokerage co-operative that later became a national real estate franchise. In 1980, we were destroyed in a failed takeover attempt by our regional owners fueled by Advest, Inc. I was an executive VP, second in command to the President at the end. We had 660 paid offices in 17 states (21 regions) at the time of our demise. I was the legal liaison; created a national referral service (All Area Relocation with almost 1200 participant offices.); created a video taped training program; and created an order and supply department, etc.

In June 1994, I paid approximately $7000 to attend a high powered marketing boot camp presented by world renowned marketing guru Jay Abraham. In January 1995, I attended a second of Jay's marketing boot camps.

Each boot camp included a year series of monthly one hour telephone conferences to follow-up on what had been learned. I have spent extensive time with Jay, one-on-one, developing my appraisal marketing strategies. I spent the last twelve years implementing, testing and revising what I learned.

I was a speaker at an AI Conference in Orlando - "Marketing Opportunities for PMI Cancellation". I also gave a marketing seminar at a AI Northeast Regional meetings in Connecticut.

Published Article I have Written or written about me: Valuation Insights & Perspectives - AI Publication), Jennifer McLarin wrote an article entitled Marketing on the Web - Most of the article was about my web sites. I also wrote an article for Valuation Insights & Perspectives about marketing opportunities for PMI Cancellation. I was interviewed for an article, written about me which appeared in The Communicator (FREA), entitled "Climbing to the Top - Marketing, Direct Mail, the Internet and More". I wrote an article for the Communicator (FREA), entitled "Making Your Web Site Work". I wrote an article for The Communicator (FREA), entitled "Inside PMI Removal". I wrote an article for Working RE entitled "Growing Business with Existing Clients"

IMNSHO, The brightest hope for a residential appraisers future survival lies in the non-lender arena. I have been focusing my marketing capabilities and learning about these niche markets for more than 10 years. I typically have far more full fee business (on average, well over 80% was non-lender originated [new mortgage]), than I can handle. The biggest problem for most appraisers who desire to follow in my footsteps, will be that it cannot be accomplished overnight and could take years for a typical appraiser to build up a sizable non-lender client base. My suggestion is that you begin to broaden your client base immediately. With the refinance boom over, you don't have a moment to waste. If you are waiting for high volume refinance activity to return, and don't intend to right-size, your demise is probably already written in stone, unless you have very deep pockets. You may well be a casualty if you can't change gears and right size quickly enough. A large operation can be great when there is heavy sustainable profitable volume, but when the economy tanks and lender business evaporates, the fixed overhead can be oppressive. Remember the only meaningful statistic that underscores your economic health and viability is the bottom line...

Over the last twelve years, I have been refining my All Area Appraisal Affiliate Network web site - http//, which is loaded with a wide variety of educational content directed at homeowners, prospective homeowners, attorneys, accountants, financial planners and mortgage lenders. We are currently hard at work restructuring the site, and expanding the remaining appraisal use/content areas. The restructured site launched 9/1/06, however many enhancements are already in the pipeline

I think the basic concept of my existing site - to sell appraisal services to the general public by educating them to the appraisal process (as it relates to their specific concern or problem - estate tax, trusts, probate, gift tax, financial planning, sellers wanting help determining a fair listing price, purchasers wanting impartial help formulating an offer to purchase, real property tax grievance, people with an incarcerated loved one needing immediate appraisal assistance to help them obtain a bail bond, cancellation of private mortgage insurance (PMI), etc. etc. and all the while driving home the "what's in it for them" message (why they should consider our services), is the primary reason that my site has been enormously successful. Most appraiser sites are tombstone sites that neither say nor offer anything of value to the intended client. They fail to tell the prospective client the crucial "whats in it for them" message (sad but true - most people are self centered and are only concerned about themselves or their families. They tend to make decisions largely on the perceived benefit they will receive when they shop.

One more thing... In selling franchises, licenses or space on an Internet site, the single most important factor weighing on the minds of potential subscribers is viability. "Does it have a track record?" "Will I be throwing good money after bad?" I can easily demonstrate that my site has an enormous track record for consistently producing appraisal business in my market. It has also produced a steady stream of business for many of my affiliate appraisers across the country.

We have consistently enjoyed high placement in almost all of the major search engines, particularly when the search involves "certified real estate appraiser, real estate appraiser" or many other appraiser related search terms... (see for yourself - try searching for them in Google or any other major search engine). The same magic I have painstakingly learned and applied to make my site literally dominate the returns in all the major search engines, I can bring to you...

There is an easy way to gauge the true effectiveness of a website...

Go to the web site's home page then click on Page Rank (it's on your Google Toolbar if you have one installed).

compare the results of several, the results just migt suprise you.

Internet appraiser directories are popping up out of the wood work. Most have a common fundamental flaw. They are primarily targeted towards selling space to appraisers and devoid of any meaningful content for the users of appraisals. Examine my consumer site: and you will quickly realize that 99+% of the site content is targeted at or providing useful information to our potential clients - Home sellers and buyers, homeowners suffering from PMI or excessive taxes, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, mortgage lenders etc. etc.

Why would a client in need of appraisal services choose an appraiser from a site which does nothing to explain how the appraiser in question will be of any possible benefit to them????

Most people searching the web for appraisal purposes are looking for information about the particular challenge they face. - only after they find the information they are searching for are they ready to hire someone to help solve their problem.

A few random pages to see a sample of what our Listings and Banners look like.

Nassau County, NY

Bay County, FL

Orange County, NY

Orange County, CA

My commitment here will be simple... I will never charge a per transaction fee. The only fee you pay will be your annual membership fee. I promise to do everything in my power to insure that the site is just as productive nationally, as well as locally in each participant's market, as it has been for me in my local market.

Please don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity to get first position in your market pass you by...

There is no set-up charge for banners.

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