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Additional counties are just $20 per year each for the 2nd and 3rd counties,
$15 per year each for the 4th, 5th and 6th counties,
$10 each for the 7th through 10th counties
and $5 each per county after 10 counties).

The physical location restriction is only for the 1st county

There is also a rural appraiser option - any number of additional
counties up to 350,000 aggregate population for only $10.00 per year.

List in just one "paid" county and receive the following FREE Bonus - The 18 must
have dislaimers in editable form you will want to put in every appraisal report you deliver

Here is one example:

APPRAISAL IS NOT AN ENGINEERING OR PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORT - Structural Problems May Be Present - The reader of this appraisal should understand that purchasing a home entails a certain amount of risk. Properties may have latent problems that are concealed or otherwise not detectable at the time of the sale or at the time it is appraised. Many properties have hidden problems or may develop structural problems after the sale. The appraisal should not be considered a report on the physical items that are a part of this property. Although the appraisal may contain information about the physical items being appraised (including their adequacy and/or condition), it should be clearly understood that this information is only used as a general guide for property valuation and is not intended to be used to evaluate the condition or adequacy of the subject property. The observed condition of the foundation, roof, exterior walls, interior walls, floors, heating systems, plumbing, insulation, electrical service and all mechanicals and construction is based on casual inspection only and no detailed inspection was made. The appraiser is not acting as a professional engineer; builder, surveyor or other inspector and qualified professionals should be consulted if there are any questions as to the condition or structural integrity of the subject property.

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or Search the major search engines for placement using terms that mean something - do yourself a favor and check these out, the results may actually amaze you ie: try Google or Yahoo for "certified real estate appraiser" or "certified estate appraisals" or "pmi cancellation" or "tax grievance", or "bail bond appraisal" or "Residential Appraisal Reports" or dozens of other search terms likely to be used by most potential non-lender users of appraisal services. One more thing - these results are real search returns, not pay per click ads which can be pulled at will. FWIW, we also pay for plenty of pay per click ads too.

Sure there are other excellent directories, particularly those specializing in lender business. Let me emphasize two brief points... 1st, is it to your advantage to come up in first or second position or thirty second? 2nd, Non-Lender clients don't typically hassle you for free comp searches or try to beat you out of your hard earned fee because they didn't like the value estimate or objected to your honestly describing adverse property conditions or influences - most actually want to know what the property is actually worth. When was the last time a mortgage broker or commissioned loan officer wanted to know the real value?

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